Pure Natural Henna

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Item type: hair color net wt: 60g ingredient: pure natural henna quantity: pack of 6 individual model number: henna dye natural: natural henna based, : only need to mix with plain water, no developer required gentle on hair: henna based, no ammonia smooth & grit free: triple-sifted: formula is very fine. Won't turn sticky & is easy to rinse off. Norishing: : abination of revitalizing ingredients added to henna norishing: henna hair dye: that es your hair softly & shiny instant: 30 minutes instant dye: mix and apply instantly, visible result in just 30 minutes gentle on hair: the henna tint coats and conditions your hair even gentle your hair: coats the hair does not alter your hair structure adversely package include: : 6 packs fo 10g powder, a brush a plastic glove, & a manual color: natural brown, natural black, & dark brown available

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